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This Blog is really just an outlet for my ramblings and a place to express myself.  It is called 'Passing for Grown-ups' as it documents the journey Dave and I are taking from being a undergraduate married couple to feeling like we've conquered this world as adults. 

David is a student teacher, working in a school in Derby, teaching secondary school science, working his butt off, planning great lessons, dealing with kids with attitude, studying and fitting in home life too.  I am so proud of him!

I am a housewife, crafter, baker, writer, who has very recently started working in a local school as a receptionist, and has been volunteering in a charity shop for the last few months.  After moving to Loughborough this summer, I'm missing all my friends from uni and, although it is close, Leicester, so hoping to make some new friends soon:-)

As a couple, we love to travel, always making plans for trips to various places, cinema trips, hiking, pubs and cooking.   Left to our own devises, we can become quite silly, which is part of the reason we still feel like we're only pretending to be grown-ups.

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Freya May
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