Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Excitement

Personally, I am not perticularly fussed about the royal family.  However, I do love a good wedding!  Getting in to the spirit of the day, Dave and I had a bunch of friends over for brunch to watch the coverage!

We did have great fun! And we were able to take a few 'screen shots' :-)

As we are still in the middle/beging/end of our final exams, it really was a lovely break from the hard work, spend in good company.

You must check out the royal wedding cake, it is truely grand, if not really to my taste.

Do you watch the wedding?  What were your thoughts on the celibrations?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

OMG! Sooo Cute!

Browsing Etsy and I found the cutest photos I think I may have ever seen!


Photos from Mary Yarns store

Monday, 25 April 2011

New Dress Patterns!

Jaycotts are selling dress patterns up to half price! So, I couldn't help it, I went and bought some for summer projects - I'm so excited!

Sadly, this dress was not one of them, but, if i can find similar fabric, I'll be very happy to wear a similar one.

Beautful dress photo from here

Percy Piglets aid in my revision...


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter :-D

Happy Easter!

This was our first married couple Easter and it was awesome!

I cooked a meal for us stragglers who haven't gone home from University yet, we had 10 people round for a roast lamb dinner :-)

It was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came and took away an Easter egg!

Today we remember a miracle, we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the grave to give us true hope and love and peace. 


Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have totally been getting in the TV show, The Ace of Cakes recently!  It is pretty epic.  They accept basically any request you want to throw at them, and make it out of cake and sugar - Yummy :-)

As amateur young baker myself, it’s just awesome!  There is no chance I'd ever be able to make ANYTHING like what they do, EVER!  But there is no harm in watching the professionals

The Dreaded Exam Period and the Epic Procarstination which accompanies it

I HATE exams.  I do.  They suck.  How are you supposed to do your best work in a written exam? Coursework, Fine.  Short questions, alright.  But hour long exam questions? Why!?!

This is our final exam period ever, at the end of our three years at Keele University, and I am dreading it.  I just feel SO unprepared, with just over a week to go, and I don't know what to do to change it.  I've got time, I keep telling myself.  I have.  But I dont know what to do in that time to make a ounce of difference to the end result. 

But, dispite that, here I go, on with revision, on with the work!

Role on the 5th of May!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Passing for Grown-ups

I decided to start a new blog, I have another for my craft adventures, but this one is different.  The name was chosen because my husband, Dave, and I keep being told that we are adults now.  We are old, and responsibe and married.  Dave even has a full time teaching job lined up for after university- very mature! But, despite all this, we still feel young, and totally confused by the idea of this grown-up world. 

So here we are, these are the cronicals of our lives, in blog/scrapbook form.

My husband and I have four targets for fullyfledged grown-upness.
  1. Marriage (check)
  2. Full Time Jobs (semi-check)
  3. Babies
  4. Mortgage
Only once we've reached all these goals will we classify ourselves as true grown-ups (oh, alright, adults).  Untill then, I just hope we pass as grown-up for the rest of the world to see.
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