Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Greenbelt Baby!

Another year has gone by and Greenbelt, again, as always, was awesome!  I love the festival, it's usually the most relaxing weekend of the year, because there are no pressures, not required activities, just interesting and fun things to do.  This was my 6th year, which I can hardly believe, and every year I come away, wishing that I could do it over again.  Well, wishing I could have a shower and sleep in my own bed for a night before doing it all over again.

Dave and I had managed to convince a few of our university friends to join us and I do believe that they, too, had a fabulous time! :-)  I think a couple of them thought they'd got rid of us forever, but we've since made plans to sleep on their floor next time we're up at Keele, so no luck of that- Sorry!

So, favourite Greenbelt memories from this year include 'discovering' Edwina Hayes, a singer/songwriter from the UK with a stunning voice that I can't get enough of.  She is the one who sings 'Feels like home' at the end of the film 'Lovely Bones', and, if you know that song, I hope you'll agree that it's just purely beautiful.

In addition to her music, I also really enjoyed the affirming talk that Rob Bell gave from  main stage.  His message - Be you, if you've only got a little to give, give it all, because it is everything.  I happened to go to a few talks that have given me some inspiration of how I can make my mark on the world for God.  I always aim high, in the hopes that one day I'll make it, so watch this space:-)

Thank you Greenbelt for the memories, and see you again next year, perhaps after persuading more and more people to join us!

Has anyone else been to a festival this year?
Which one? and What were your best bits?

Freya May

p.s. my back ground image is one Dave took at Greenbelt a few years ago, it's of balloons we all let off at the communion service to send our prayers heavenward.

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  1. Glad you had a good time. I went the last two years but sadly due to going to Canada at the end of this week just couldn't fit it in this year. Totally planning on being there next year though :D .


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