Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Crafty Insperation

So,  the job hunt continues after an unsuccessful interview for a TA job yesterday.  I handed in my CV to Newlook today, which I'm hopeful for, be nice to have a low pressure job, plus I'd get discount.

So, in the mean time, I persevere with craft, as it is one thing that certainly makes me happy and not feel like I'm waisting my time.

And here is some inspiration, I think it is full of great ideas! Glad I found it on Pinterest.  I find pinterest so funny, having an obsessive personality, and loads of time on my hands, I have had to set my self a limit of time that I'm aloud on it for: Max two sessions a day, 30 min a piece.  Self control, its nice to meet you.

I go through peeks and troughs of creativity, and I'm always on the look out for something like this, to give me a push and some inspiration to get back in to a creative mindset. So, i guess I must get on with doing some of the things on this list.

Freya May

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  1. Miss Freya! I absolutely love reading your blog...I think I've come to discover that we are more alike than I ever thought! :) I adore crafts and stuff like this. I might have to get into Pinterest...but maybe not, considering I don't exactly need any more distractions in my life (I'm good at those already)
    :) You are so wonderful! Dave is blessed to have you by his side. Hope all is well...keep on plugging along xx


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