Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another Busy Weekend

We have had an amazing, if exhausting, weekend, driving all over the country to visit friends and celebrate with them. 

Monday is our friend Fran's 23rd birthday, so we went up to spend Friday night with her and stayed for dinner. 

If we had been able to spend the weekend we would have (finally) gotten to visit the Lincoln Christmas market.  It is supposed to be the best and fanciest market around but out last attempt to go was called off on account of MAJOR snow- perhaps next year we'll manage it.

So, Happy Birthday Fran-Face!  Hope you have an amazing day!

So, Saturday was the Wedding of the beautiful Naomi Joy and her handsome Husband, Shadrack. 

Congratulations, Guys!

We had an amazing day; great celebrations, great food, great people, great party.
We love you both so much and wish you great happiness and all of God's blessings on your future together.

And, last, but not in anyway least, Baby Amos's dedication.

We travelled for almost three hours to celebrate with Rob, Pam (the parents) their families and friends in Surry.  The church service was then followed by a bring a share lunch.

Thank you so much for inviting us to join you on your special day, we were honoured to be involved, and I love seeing how Amos has grown each time we see you.

I've not included a photo off Amos because I haven't asked Pam if it's OK to, if she says yes I can show you all the incredible cuteness that he is!

So, a mega weekend, exhausted at the end but was so much fun!!!

Freya May

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