Saturday, 10 December 2011

My First Craft Fair


Today Pete, my father-in-law, and I went to my first craft fair at a school in Leicester.

It really wasn't a busy fair, lots of parents came to see the children's choir, but then it got really quiet.  Probably because of this, we didn't sell much, people came by and had a look, but I only sold one necklace.

I was selling the necklaces and the tea cup candles I blogged about here, and some mini bunting I made.  Pete makes awesome homemade cards using photographs he's taken.

I found one other stall that sold 'vintage'-y, cute homemade stuff which was my 'compatition', from whom I was inspired for more makes and stuff.

My dad surprised me and popped by though!  It was very cool, and we had a wander round, bought a couple of little gifts for Christmas and just hung out with us for a while.

Although there wasn't much action today, I still had fun, and am totally up for doing another one.  It feels like we need to go around a few fairs to find our niche and learn which ones are more 'crafty'.

Freya May

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