Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Dressmaking Diaries Promotion



This is the time for some shameless self promotion, sorry about that.

I just want to know, have you taken a look at my new blog 'The Dressmaking Diaries' yet?? Since I first told you about it, there is now some actual content on it, so do check it out!

It is literally a place where I can document my sewing projects, with a few tutorials thrown in for good measure.

I'm quite new to this dressmaking marlarky, so I'm basically starting from the beginning and throwing my self into the deep end- it would be nice to have some moral support in this!

Also, when my Masters kicks of in a week and a half, that is the blog I will be prioritizing, as I will be trying hard as I can not to stop sewing, but make time for it in my busy, mad life.

In conclusions- please start following me on that blog too, it will make my day!

Thank you,

Freya May

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