Thursday, 19 May 2011


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The call of 'GLEE!' is often heard about 830 on Monday night, both in my house (only by me, however) and at Fran and Em's, where the viewing of said show always occurs. 

There is something about this show, it is cheesy as heck, but it knows it to that's ok.  And it has a go at being all inclusive, though it doesn't always managing to avoid stereotypes and clich├ęs (in the bad way).  But, it is simply Joyful.  Even when Sue is being the biggest pain she can, it is done to produce humour as well as invoke the hostility intended by the character.  The song's, though pilfered, are perfectly chosen for each character at their point in the storyline.  Yes, there are random songs included too, but that is the nature of performing arts.

All in all, I hope 'GLEE!' will continue to be exclaimed for a while yet, as heading over to the girls, bottle of wine in hand, ready to watch the show, is usually one of my favourite times of the week.

Freya May

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