Friday, 27 May 2011

The Long Awaited Harry Potter Party :-)

A time for utter geek-celibration!

Months in the planning, a wee bit too much cash spent on it and far too much excitement in anticipation, the Harry Potter End of Year Party was everything I hoped it would be!  I have been planning this party for ages, since before Christmas.  To be honist, the planning has largely been thinking about what I want to do vs what I can afford to do.  And the end result was AWESOME :-)

We decorated Fran and Em's house, as it had lovely wooden features which meant it was a perfect starting point for turning it in to the Gryffindor common room.

Another chance to make a cake, I went for an owl, in memory of dear Hegwig.  The shape is based on a wedding cake made by Ace of Cakes, but I don't know which show and haven't been able to find a image of the original- sorry. 

Drinks were, naturally, presented in potion form.  We had an alcoholic potion punch, one non-alcoholic, jelly shots in house colours, and wine.  Sweets were also on offer.

We played two drinking games, The Goblet of Fire and one Em made up, and Harry Potter Scene It. 

Music, by resident DJ, Dave (aka, Husband).

Decor, by me, because I have too much time on my hands/ was just too much fun.
Thank you everyone who came, you made it soo much fun!

Check out my craft blog about the prep, please! 

Hope those who came had as much fun as I did, thank you so much for joining me in awesome geekyness, and please enjoy checking out the photos.

Freya May

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