Monday, 4 July 2011

New Flat = New Things

Now, I'm not extravagant and rich enough to buy all new stuff each time I move, so don't worry that's not what I mean.  I also think that people who do, just for the sake of it, have more money than sense, but that's also not what I mean to blog about.

I have just been over to Loughborough, my new home town, to pick up the keys for Husband and my new flat! :-) Its a lovely place, and I'm super excited to be moving in at the weekend.

So, L'boro is a 10-20min train ride from Leciester (part of the reason we picked it) and although ourt new flats is a stones throw from the L'boro station, Leicester station is in the middle of town.  Which means, I had to take a detour through the charity stores and market on my way home.  So, what did I pick up?

Confesion time, these are from PoundStrecher not a charity store, but were such a bargin and just what I needed and don't even need adjusting, perfect exactly as they are.

The fabric on the left is for a dress, the right, curtains for the kitchen.

I bought theses for the frames, I need little ones for my cross stitch, so wont be keeping the pictures and I'll probably  paint them to match too.

 Key bowl! £1.29

 Storage jar/ utensil pot £1!

Fabric to make curtains for the spare room/ office, It's green, so it matches the pink/blue/green bedding with out making the office, where Dave will work, too girly.

I think that the problem with buying stuff for the house, even more so than with clothes, is there is always something else that would be nice, look good or be useful.  Now, I hope you agree that curtains don't fall in to this category, but I do struggle with separating the needed and the simply useful.  Something I'm trying to improve on.

Freya May

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