Friday, 1 July 2011

But, this is the first of July...

If you haven't yet heard of Foy Vance, you probably haven't been listening to Husband's Ipod play lists.  He is a singer-song writer, or Troubadour (just a great word...), from Dublin, who I first heard at Greenbelt a few years ago.  He writes beautiful music, but this song really was written for today. 

You can pull up the lyrics or listen really carefully to the video, but it is about starting over on the first of July.

We might not need to start over as dramatically as the song, but it is good reminder that the world is full of new starts; new years, new months, new weeks and new days.  And we can choose to take each new start to do with what we want.  Basically, don't wait to the first of January to feel like the year starts over again, because you can don the same on the first of July.

'Oh, I don't feel particularly good, no
But don't you worry about me I'll get by
That was the last day of June, oh
And this is the first of July.

Freya May

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