Saturday, 31 March 2012

Charity Shop Challange

I've been inspired by the blog Second Hand or Bare Bottomed to challange myself, for the month of April, to put together an outfit of purely secondhand clothes and accessories, and I'm so excited!

Everyday during this coming month I'll be posting shots of my outfits- look out for my awkward 'fashion blogger' poses- and revieling just how little I paid for each item.  Most outfits will probably come to less than £10! 

Here are the rules;
  • All items must be second hand, purchased from a charity shop, vintage fairs or hand-me-downs.
  • Each day a new outfit must be posted- no rewearing an outfit, that's cheating!
  • Items such as tights, leggings and vest tops are excempt from the challange- just my personal choice, really.
Easy enough really, I'd guess that even before I thought to try this challange a good 3rd or so of my wardrobe was already second hand, but I have gone an picked up a few more items in anticipation too.

One last thing, I'm going to Paris with my family during the Easter holidays, and have already picked out a (largly non-second hand) wardrobe for the trip, so for just three days, please forgive me! 

Sound's Fun, no?

Freya May

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