Monday, 19 March 2012

Take Your Husband To Work Day!

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Yes, today I got to take Husband to work with me!  It was such a surreal experience having him in a part of my world that has been exclusively mine up until now.  But he was on his best behaviour!  Hasn't shown me up once, yet. 

And the best bit, not bus for me this week!

He's coming all week for his 'Second School Experiance' for his teacher training, observing lessons and meeting the teachers in the science department for advice and stuff.

He seemed to enjoy today, and has already felt like there is stuff to take away and apply at work- after just one day, I'm impressed!

I guess seeing the ins and outs of a school can make you focus on the negatives sometimes, so it's really nice to have Dave there and get his take on life at my school.  He'll never know it the same way I do, different perspectives (teacher vs. admin) and time will be the two biggest factors in this.  But, still, having him in my world always makes things better- even when I had an insane day like today!

So, I think I'd recommend it, take your husband to work, see what he makes of your work life and work friends.  For us, it's been good, so far!

Freya May

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