Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Fever!

A.K.A. What I love about Spring time.

The weather keeps promising us it's on it's way, but I'm weary as I know how quickly it can all change and we'll be knee deep in snow again!  But, all the same, I look forward with great anticipation for the spring weather to be finally here and here is why...

Holiday's- not only do I get school holidays again this year, but I'm also going to Paris for a couple of days with the fam! YAY!

The Fashion- the colours, the styles, it's all so beautiful and girly, I really love it!

The SUNSHINE! Naturally.  It makes you happier, more awake, and what else can you ask for than a beautiful day.

Flowers- I think fresh flowers in the house is fabulous.  I wish we could afford to have them all the time!  This spring I'm really loving multicoloured tulips, and plan on getting some as soon as possible.

My Birthday- I'm a spring baby, and I can't wait for a party and presents, of course!

and, finally, because it is the shortest wait for my favourite season off all- Summer will be here before we know it- YAY!

Freya May

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