Thursday, 22 March 2012

Girl Crush...

So, it's time to admit it.  I have a girl crush.  I have for a while.  And it wont come as a surprise to some of you.  So, here goes, Emma Watson is my girl crush :D

Here's just a few reasons why...
  • She is Hermione, who I have idolised since the age of 9(ish).  So, by rights I guess I should hate her for 'stealing my dream role', but I just can't.
  • She is smart- who gets 10 A's and A*'s at GCSE while working on block buster movies?!?  That's some one I can look up to.
  • She is beautiful.
  • She is good- she supports UNICEF and People Tree (Fairtrade).
  • She is so personable and comes across as so friendly on interviews and the Harry Potter extras.  I just think, given the chance, we could have been really good friends ;)
And, a ton of other reasons too!  Who is your celebrity or girl crush?  Please, tell me, make me feel less of an loser!

Freya May

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