Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!  I hope you've all remembered to, at least, send your mother a card.

We've had a lovely day!  Been to the Baptist Church in town this morning which was really great.  We made prayer cards to hang on a tree, and card decorating and planted a flower, all in the name of worship and prayer.  It was dead fun! People were really friendly and they've loads of weekly activites and student type socials to get stuck in with.  We're away next Sunday, but we'll be back again soon!

Anyway- We invited both our mother's, David's dad and my little sis over for sunday lunch to treat our mums to a relaxed and, hopefully, stress free day. 

Roast chicken dinner, dessert, cupcakes made by little sis, and a very happy day! 

Freya May

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