Sunday, 17 June 2012

DIY Dip Dyes Shorts

I'm loving this trend of dip dyes shorts that I've seen around this summer.  And when mum and I went to the Vintage fair earlier this month, I saw a pair that I really liked!

However, I'm a DIY girl, and I knew it would be so easy to recreate the look, without the price tag of £20 (or £35 in Topshop!)

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So, that same day, we went to the charity shop, picked up a pair of jeans for £1.50 (!) and got to it. 

If you too want to DIY it, here is a quick tutorial.

You need; 

Pair of jeans, bottle of bleach, bucket, rubber gloves, salt, dye and a poky stick.

Cut the jeans short and submerge in approx 1/3 of the bottle of bleach in 5 leters of water until they are the colour you want and light enough for dying.

I had quite dark jeans, and it took me 3 attempts to get them to the right colour.

But when they came out they looked great!

Following the instructions in the packet, make up one of your dye colours, and dip the bottom of the shorts in and leave for a hour.  I used a clippy clothes hanger to hold them up.

Take them out the dye and rinse the bottoms out in the sink with fresh water until the water is clear, then make up the other colour of dye and repeat the process, turning the jeans upside down.

Once you've rinsed out for the second time, put them in a warm wash and Da Daaaa!

Finished jeans, for less than £9!

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