Monday, 18 June 2012

This Old Thing?

Well ok, this old thing is pretty u-g-l-y!

Yes, that's a dress, not a night gown.

Its a size 18, which accounts for it tent like qualities on me, but I've wanted to have a go at refashioning a item for a while now, so for £3.50, why the heck not?  And, anyway, the extra fabric will probably be quite useful!

So, I bet your just dying to see what this was transformed into?

Well, what do you think?

Huge transformation!

All from a few absolute ton of pins and some careful snips.

Anoyingly, however, it's is clear this is my first attempt, as I missed the line between fitted and ever so slightly  too small.  Irony, huh?

Never mind, a few pounds lighter and it'll fit like a glove.

Freya Mayxxx

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