Monday, 11 June 2012

life is good

Its been eight months since I started work, almost a full year since I finished my degree, and I'm slowly starting to actually feel like I can have a life which includes all those aspects I choose to include- blogging, writing, reading, crafting, socialising, baking and managing to keep the house in an acceptable level of cleanliness.

Yay me!

Over the last month I have made three dresses and started on a forth. and I have started going to a small group with our church- having finally found one we want to settle in. Life is pretty exciting and I'm very happy.

Now the next challenge, I have been accepted on a masters course at Leicester University (so excited!!!). So studying will once again become a major factor in my life. I hope that I will still find (some minuscule) time to give to the things I love to do along side my studies, but accept that somethings gotta give. So, I plan to enjoy this time of balance, even more the time in the summer when I don't necessarily have work but lots of time to devote to craftiness, before the ridiculously interesting but super intense study begins. 

Exciting times ahead!

 Freya May

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