Sunday, 26 June 2011

Being grown-ups, apart


Quick round up of latest events-
  1. Dave has left for the first week of the teacher training course he's on over the summer.
  2. I'm still looking for work, with only one company ringing me back so far.
  3. Waiting on a housing agency to call us back and say we can move in.
  4. Living out of boxes at David's parents house.
And its alright.  Just gotten off the phone with Dave, he has successfully survived the first day at 'teacher camp', met new people and is settling into his room for the next three weeks.  I'm not going to lie, missing him already (awww?).  Mostly, because he's usually my entertainment when we're not working. 

Anyways, we've done the living apart thing before, just not since we got married last September.  We both went travelling on our (separate) gap years, and then worked at a school which he had to do residential camps every now and again, AND he went to Cardiff University for a year while I was stuck in Leicester.  Lets be fair, the hour away he is now is nothing compared to the >4hour train trip I had to do to get to Cardiff, and even less when you think about being 5000miles apart while traveling.

So, these few weeks will be a pain, but I will see him again very soon.  This I am very thankful for.

Freya May

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