Sunday, 5 June 2011

Busy Week!

It has been the last week of the official university term time, and it's been busy!  It is such a strange week too, emotional. 

Keele's end of year party, Woodstoke, a 12hr fairground/festival do, with games and a headphone disco and some bands, including Ms. Dynamite(te-he).  Sadly, I only made it to midnight.  Something I regret a little, as it's my last year, and I wanted to stay out longer, make the most of it and everything.  However much I'd like to live a life with no regrets, I don't know another emotion for when you want to change things sometimes.  The only other response I can think of would be 'Oh well', but that suggests it doesn't matter at all, and I think sometimes, even the little things, are important.  The time I did spend at Woodstoke, however, was awesome!  Dancing on the hill with my people, and I felt really rough after the fairground rides!  Normally I'm fine with that stuff, but having a bbq right before hand was a mistake!  Also got to see The Sunshine Underground play, who were really good, will try to remember to YouTube them later.

Woodstoke was swiftly followed by The Chapel Ball- The social event of the year.  James Bond themed, with cocktails and a chocolate roulette table, buffet, The Big Band and Disco to finish off the evening.  A beautiful night, those people who worked hard to make the space look amazing and sort the food and the drink, did a fantastic job!  We danced till the early hours, then some of us leavers headed to the back of Keele Hall, armed with a bottle of bubbly, and Chinese lanterns.  A lovely way to finish the night off.

As I said, end of the year, so we took some of the random things we've collected over the last few years to a car boot sale.  It was quite a small one, but Dave and I made about £15 pounds, and the others made some cash too, so didn't do too badly.  We had a ton of stuff left over however, so headed to the charity shop, and hopefully they can make some money off of it. 

So, all that, coupled with a cinema trip, the new X-Men, really quite good!  And a family visit from David's Aunt and Uncle.  Its been a busy and quite intense week.

Freya May

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