Monday, 20 June 2011

Just Fair Fashion

The Just Shop is a fair trade shop run in Leicester by the lovely Sarah.  It is devoted to the sale and promotion of goods which pay the people who make them a real wage, not pence an hour.  What is more, the Store is filled with beautiful things, that if I only had money, I would fill my home with!

The point of this post, however, is to talk about the fun that we had on Saturday night, at the Just...Fairtrade fashion show!  Husband and I were models, showing the audience a selection of the lovely clothes that the store had to offer... it was ridiculously fun to be a part of!  Keeleites came to watch us, along with many members of out church congregation, so there were quite a few familiar faces in the crowd.  which was both good,supportive, and bad, off putting :-)

I do love the some of the clothes they had on sale.  In my recent mood of wearing skirts and dresses as much as I can, Annie Greenabelle's collection really took me.  such beautiful dresses! The sad thing is, as has been said, I am still poor as a dormouse, so the price tags on pretty much everything meant that there was no new beautiful, fairtrade, ethical dresses to add to my wardrobe that day :-(

Please, check out the 'Just...' Facebook Page and website above.

Much fun was had, and i think, if asked again, both Dave and I will jump at the chance to strut our stuff on the catwalk, anytime.

Freya May

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