Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Deciding on New Years Resolutions

I always find picking my new years resolutions tricky, because the nagging feeling at the back of my mind that says its a waste of time, they'll be broken before you hit February.

But I've come up with a list, 12 things to aim for in 2012.

I think the aims rather than specific goals makes the whole idea far more approachable and feel more achievable.  So here we go-

  1. Exercise more - I always say I want to be fitter and go through ups and downs in  my fitness levels, this year I'm aiming for a up!
  2. Learn healthy recipes - linked to number one, no point working hard at the gym and letting yourself down in the kitchen.
  3. Read more - starting the aim of 52 books in a year from my 25 before 25 list.
  4. Watch Less TV-  far too much was watched over the last six months, time to change that!
  5. Organise!- My Monica tendencies help with this but there are still things to work on in the home.
  6. Meet more people - moved to a new town 6 months ago and still don't know many people.
  7. Be more creative when planning dates with Hubby- We always do the same old things, lets make things more interesting, yeh?
  8. Create more- I love crafting, so lets do more and more of that please!
  9. Be more lady like- because, just because.
  10. Become the 'fashionista' I've always wanted to be- i.e. have that 'perfect wardrobe'
  11. Be wiser- by reading my bible and stuff as much as possible.
  12. Be happy- happy is a choice, one I choose as much as possible.
Lets see how this year goes!

Freya May

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