Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A shameful moment...

These past two days, I have played scrabble against two twelve years olds at work.  And lost.  Twice.

Now, being dyslexic, I'm not unused to losing at word games.  I rarely even play scrabble with people my own age.  So I thought, sure, their kids, not exactly the toughest competition, so lets do it.

Boy, I can't catch a scrabble break!

Now, to regain some credibility back, I would like to say that the only reason they won today was because I showed them the word 'Quark' (a type of soft cheese) (we were playing an open game) which gave them a staggering 48 points, from various triple letter squares.

So really, today's loss wasn't really a mark against me.  However, what ever happened yesterday, I have no come back, nothing to say that makes me look any better.

The truth is, I was bested by 12 year olds.  Darn it.

Freya May

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