Sunday, 22 January 2012

Moving Church- an update

After posting that Hubby and I were looking for a new church last week, I thought I should keep you updated on how that was going!

Last two weeks now, we went to the local Elim Church, and have really enjoyed it.

They have a lot going on, which is important because we really want to get involved with church life.  That is super important to us.  Personally, I would love to get involved with as many groups and stuff as possible.

And the sermons have been engaging and encouraging.  It's been a little odd because they are half way through a mission series, but, none the less, we're really gotten into it.

We'll have to pray and decide whether to go back again in a couple of weeks or visit a different church.  I think we tend to settle in places too quickly, which is what happened last time. But we certainly like what we see so far.

Freya May

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