Friday, 27 January 2012

Found on Pinterest #6

This week, on Pinterest, I've been obsessing over colours for decorating our house. 

**Please note, we live in rented accommodation so we're not allowed to redecorate properly, but this doesn't stop me wasting hours and hours on the Internet :D**

So, these are the kinds of shades I'm thinking about- usually inspired by film sets such as Lilly and Marshall's house from How I Met Your Mother, the Swan house from Twilight, Monica's flat in Friends, Sheldon and Leonard's flat in The Big Bang Theory.

I love these colours for the bedroom, but I don't want it too girly.

I like these colours for the main house, but there are so many similar colour selections that are slight variations I can't decide (like its important anyways).

For example-

And now for something completely different-

For the kitchen.  Or, is it too random to pair with the other pallet?

Day dreaming as always,

Freya May

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