Friday, 17 February 2012

Found On Pinterest #8

A look at organisation- Pinterest style 

Type 'Organization' in to Pinterest and thousands upon thousands of pins will come up giving examples of beautiful and immaculate cupboards, pantries, work spaces, children's bedrooms, wardrobes and everything else you could imagine.

I personally love the inspiration, I constantly work towards clearing out and organising our home to make it a nicer place to live.  I hope my mum wouldn't mind me saying, but I get my hording tendencies from her.  But it is a habit we are both trying to get out of.

And I am having fun trying to organise our home, inspired by the above images and more from Pinterest AND so far, I'm super pleased with my efforts.  This week yet another large box of stuff is being donated to charity, and I'll start going through another one when we get it out of storage. 

I intend to post a little before/after blog about the office/spare room, as this is hubbies work space (in theory) its needed to be functional as well as pretty.  Stay tuned for that, ok?

Freya May

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