Friday, 24 February 2012

Found on Pinterest #9

Plates!  And plate walls! Check out these prettys...

I LOVE the plate wall idea- and I'm totally planning on stealing it for my own home.  But, first I need a good collection of beautiful plates!  12-15 seem to be a good number.  Now, I don't want any old plates on my wall, I could easily walk in to any charity shop and buy plates galore! No, I want to put time and thought in to this collection and just buy ones I really love and mean something to me.

Lucky for me, I actually found the first plate for the collection at the vintage fair last week!  I really love the colours used in this, and now I've got the first one, it doesn't feel so weird buying them- again, only going to buy special ones!

cost just a single pound! get in!
Do you like it?
Freya May

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