Saturday, 25 February 2012

Quilting Tiny Quilts

I had my second venture in to quilting this week, the first being a quilt I made for my sister for Christmas and forgot to take any photos of, meaning I didn't bother blogging about it.

This time I had a go at making a 'doll quilt', you know, one for children to play with when playing house and putting their dollies to bed.

What do you think?!

I actually love it though! I personally, think its beautiful and am kind of saddened I can't use it as a blanket myself :-(

The colours are fab, and I made it, and, although its not perfect, it was a great starting project as I can't wait to make another!!!

I'm going to have a go at another small one like this because I think it's a great way at having a go without spending loads on materials- this whole quilt was made with stuff I already had in!! Then I plan on moving up a size, to lap quilts, and taking it from there! :D In the long run I want a purple quilt for our bedroom, and a Christmas Quilt to bring out in winter. And any others that get made will just be a bonus!!!

Freya May


  1. that's super cute. do you have a pattern for it or do you just use an online tutorial?

  2. Hey, I have been given a ton of Quilting books recently and this was one of the patterns in them, super easy to do, I'll share with u when u come home!! :D xxx


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