Sunday, 1 April 2012

Charity Shop Challange Day 1!

Top (Dorothy Perkins/RSPCA)- £3, Cardigin (Atmosphere/ hand me down)- FREE, Bag (Miss Selfridges/ hand me down)- FREE, Jeans (Cancer Research UK)- £4, Shoes (Loros) £3, Earrings (Loros)- £2

Total- £12

Check out my awkward 'Fashion Blogger' posing! I promised you it's be good!  So, outfit number one, starting off the month well, I think.  Comfy, casual and cheap!!!

Been a nice day- been to church, lunch and the pet shop.  I've got some new family members to introduce to you soon!!!

And, I'm finishing off the day with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Perfect.

Freya May

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