Sunday, 8 April 2012

Side Table DIY

Hey, I picked up this table at the amazing second hand furniture shop just up the road from us for a bargain price of £5 because it was pretty badly scratched on the top.

I had been exploring inspiring blogs like this one and this one, full of projects taking unwanted, unloved furniture and giving it a second chance with just a lick of paint and some tlc.  So I decided I wanted a go!

This is the table, just as we started to sand it down, you can see the dark colour it was stained and the scratched on the top.

Totally needed a make over, right?

So, we sanded it down

Gave it a undercoat

And painted it the first coat of green, this is what it looked like now-

It still needs another coat of green, and then it's 'done', but I really want to work out a way to recreate this look-

But the 'glaze' that is used is only available in the USA, and I can't find the UK equivalent.  I just love how the glaze brings out the details of the piece, stops it looking 2D and flat. I plan on trying for a similar look using tinted varnish, working in small areas, very quickly.  And I'll let you know how that works out!

(I didn't intend on this being a 'how to' post, so if you want more information on repainting furniture please click on the links above)

Freya May

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