Sunday, 22 April 2012

Charity Shop Challenge Day 22!

Top (Monsoon/ Cancer Research UK)- £3, Cardigan (Primark/Hand me down)- Free, Jeans (GAP/Cancer  Research UK)- £4, Shoes (Loros)- £3

Happy Sunday all :D  Hope you've had a nice weekend, filled with family and fun.

We've had a nice day!  Been to a new church and got invited to dinner at a couples house.  It was quite an odd day actually, because the church service started at 330- totally out of our usual habits.  But the service was good, interesting.  It was a church grown from a student church, much of the congregation was students or ex students of Loughborough University, so definitely a demographic we felt we fit in to.

The extra time in the morning was nice too, odd, like I said, but nice.  Kinda used it for extra sleeping in, blogging stuff, playing with my pets.  Dave used it to get to the gym and get some work out of the way.  Productive, eh?

Freya May

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