Monday, 16 April 2012

Charity Shop Challenge Day 16!

Top (Monsoon/Cancer Research UK)-£4, Cardigan (H&M/hand me down)-Free, Shorts (cut from jeans)(Dorothy Perkins/ BHF)-£2.50, Boots (Rocket Dog/BHF)- £6
Total- £12.50

Back to work today-boo:( But, it wasn't a bad day really, nothing happened to make it special in any way, which I will always prefer to those really horrible days which come along every now and again.

I'm planning on starting a new craft project soon, but am feeling uninspired for ideas- any suggestions??
One thing I'm thinking about is a new jewellery stand, like these-

And I also need to make some more bunting at some point- I have all these triangles cut out and lengths and lengths of bias binding to use, so there really isn't an excuse.  

But I always like starting new projects, so ideas, please!

Freya May

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