Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Charity Shop Challenge Day 18!

Top (Dorothy Perkins/ Sue Rider Care)- £2.50, Cardigan (Peacocks/ Senses)- £2.75, Jeans (Dorothy Perkins/ Cancer Research UK)- £3, Shoes (Loros)- £3
Total- £11.25

Another day in which I just wanted to get in to my pyjamas when I got home from work, but, just for you, I resisted! And put jeans on instead :D

Really had quite a mad morning, and a lovely afternoon, so I guess it balanced out. 

And I've finished of the day with two of my favourite things- Baking and Bones.  Made some scones (yummy) and Bones is back on Sky (joy).   

Freya May

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