Sunday, 15 April 2012

Charity Shop Challenge Day 15!

Top (RiverIsland/ Sue Rider Care)- £2.50, Cardigan (Peacocks/ Senses)- £2.75, Skirt (Pied A Terre/Loros)- £3, Belt (Hand me down)- Free, Shoes (Newlook/ Hand me down)- Free.
Total- £8.25

Heloo, I must apologise for not posting an outfit yesterday, but, tbh, it wasn't an exciting one anyway, so don't feel like you missed out! (Jeans, t-shirt and jumper- pretty standard and cost about £7.50, not including shoes)

I've had quite a lovely day, but it has gone far to fast as lazy days often do.  I'm back at work tomorrow, and trying hard to be positive about it, it's not like I hate my job, but I've enjoyed time off with Dave so much!!!

But back I must go :)  Hope you've also had a nice Easter.

Freya May

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