Monday, 8 October 2012

Found On Pinterest #17

I love date nights!  Spending time with Dave, without coursework or marking or planning to get in the way is precious.  But between us, we are two of the most indecisive people you might ever meet.  Perhaps it's because we're both quite easy going, we want to do something, but don't mind what that is!

So this pin is going to save us some arguments and wasted time trying to think of things to do on our date nights.

Instead of coloured sticks, I have gone for an easy option of coloured paper to differentiate date types

I've used Red Paper for expensive date, costing more than £30 a time.  It's likely that these dates will only get selected once, maybe twice a year, for special treats!  I included-
  1. Groupon Weekend Away
  2. Theme Park Tip
  3. Theatre Trip (London)
  4. £££ Meal Out (her choice)
  5. £££ Meal Out (his choice)

I used pink paper for less expensive dates, costing between £10-£30.  I imagine we'll select these to do one of these dates every month or so.  Ideas include-
  1. Cook Three Course Dinner Together- Go all out, cook your favourates and enjoy
  2. Bookshop Date- buy coffee and pick up a new book each
  3. Pub Walk
  4. Weekend Cinema Trip
  5. ££ Dinner Out (her choice)
  6. ££ Dinner Out (his choice)
  7. Order Take Out
  8. Bowling
  9. Dessert Only Date- head somewhere a little fancy and pick from the dessert menu (yum!)
  10. Dress Up for Drinks- make the effort to get all dressed up and go to a local bar.
  11. Breakfast Date

Then, white paper, dates which cost less than £10.  These are the ones we'll use most, maybe weekly or fortnightly if we're busy.  My ideas so are are-
  1. Orange Wednesday Cinema Trip
  2. £ Dinner Out (her choice)- to a fast food place or something
  3. £ Dinner Out (his choice)
  4. £5 Tesco Challenge- Pick a main course, like pizza, then each get to choose a side and a dessert, not costing more than a fiver total.
  5. Blockbuster Film Evening (her choice)
  6. Blockbuster Film Evening (his choice)
  7. Walk at Bradgate Park- with or with out visiting the cafe.
  8. £10 Dinner Date- Tesco or M&S meal deals
  9. Trip to Starbucks
  10. Charity Shopping- each is given £5 to buy the other a gift
  11. Board Game Evening with wine
  12. Picnic
  13. Indoor Picnic- set up a rug, or a den, and enjoy the feeling of the whole world disappearing.
  14. Cook Dessert Together

These are ones that I've thought up over this afternoon, but I want to keep adding ideas (and ask Dave for his ideas) as life goes on. 

It was really easy to put together, I'd recommend it to any couple that, like us, can never decide or agree on what to do on date nights.  And the fun is not knowing what you're going to get!

Easy as pie,

Freya May

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