Friday, 26 October 2012

Nice to Meet You- 6 Products I Love!


I'm linking up with the Nice to Meet You linky party to share with you 6 of my favourite things-

1. My Moleskin Diary

This diary is awesome- this is the third one I've bought because I really do love them.  They are arranged with all the days of the week on one page and a notes page on the adjacent side.  It's so useful for taking notes with out taking up all the space on your day to day stuff- I use it for reminders, booklists, blog plans etc.

2. My Slowcooker

I don't use this for anything fancy, just simple spaghetti bolognise, chilli, soup etc.  It's excellent, I love coming home to dinner already done!

3. Rimmel's Eyeliner

As a girl on a budget Rimmel's eye-liner is my absolute favourite.  The pencil is just soft enough to go on easily, but has good staying power, and the liquid eye-liner is brilliant.  I tend to wear liquid on a day to day basis, it's got a fine brush and stays put all day- what more can I ask for.

4. My Sewing Machine!

I was given this for Christmas 2010, and it's been the catalysis for my sewing hobby- read about my homemade wardrobe here.

5. Neutragena's Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

I've never got into a good habit of face washing as a teenager, in fact, I've only just got into a habit I would call regular- I used to just use face wipes, and constantly put off washing my face properly (I know it's all a little gross- sorry, it's just the truth!) But, I love this face wash, and I now use it in the shower.  Such a simple trick to get into, as I'm already wet! lol.

6. My Ipad

Dave bought me my Ipad for my birthday, and it's the most useful thing in the world, while simultaneously being one of the biggest time wasters!  I use it to download PDF files for reading for uni, and I have a word processing app, and a time management app and other really useful things.  BUT, I also have instant access to my blog, Facebook, on-line shops etc, which I'm afraid I spend too much time by far on.  At least I deleted the Pinterest app, or it would be sooo much worse.

So, I hope you feel you've gotten to know me just a little better, please check out the other bloggers who've linked up by following the button at the bottom of this post

Thanks for stopping by!

Freya May
Nice To Meet You


  1. Thanks for playing Freya (a favourite name by the way). I see we have another slow cooker fan. I love mine too, perfect for busy days. Nice to Meet you and stop by again soon.

  2. Thanks- I do love my slowcooker! Hope to see u soon, nice o meet you too.

  3. I am addicted to Rimmel's mascara! Best stuff for the money for sure!! Nice to meet you!

    1. Totally! Where would we be with out it! Thanks for stopping by.


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