Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thrifty Thursdays Waterfall Skirt


How's everyone doing?  I've had a super busy week, lots of work and lots of studying.  I've enjoyed it, but, wow, I am tired!

On a much more exciting note, last night we went to see Michael McIntyre show in Sheffield!  It was brilliant!!! We bought the tickets when they came out about two years ago- but it was totally worth the effort!  I love that man, he never fails to make me laugh :D

Anyway, I wasn't actually this well dress for the event.  I went straight from work.

This skirt I picked up from a charity shop over the summer as a regular full length pleated granny skirt for £2.50, and had a go at DIYing it to waterfall skirt- I'm quite happy with the result.

This was my second go, actually, the first I gave to my sister because I cut it too short for me to wear, but she is fearless.

This time, I cut it quite conservatively until I got it to the length I wanted, took about half hour, and totally worth it :)  I just need an event to wear it to- like a comedy show, maybe...

Freya May


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