Monday, 29 October 2012

Found on Pinterest #18

Isn't this the cutest idea!

I sew this and decided quickly that I needed to make one for our own place!

I had to decide on white board vs. chalk board, and settled on chalk, because I'm having a love affair with it!

Last summer Dave and I made a whole bunch of chalk boards for presents etc, this is the last one we had left- it's so lucky it's the perfect shape for this project!

I used acrilic paint on top to write the 'I love <3 you because.....'

Ta da!

I wish I had come up with another way to write on the first bit, I'm not a big fan of my own handwriting, but It makes it match with the rest of the note when I use it, I guess.

What do you think?  Now Dave and I can be super mushy even when we don't get to see one another in the
mornings or whatever.

Freya May

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