Saturday, 5 November 2011

So, this week...

*WARNING* Wordy Blog Post

I'm second on second week of work, I have three weeks to go until the craft fair (have I blogged that yet?) and have started my novel for NaNoWriMo, and I have fallen SOOO behind with house work type things.

Work has been great! I officially took over the role today, and I did great! I've learnt all the lessons I need for day to day activities, and the other staff are super helpful when something random and out of the ordinary happens. 

And, now I'm getting up early Monday through Friday, I have a new appreciation for the effort that Dave and other people with grown-up jobs have to go through- Work is hard! :-)

We, that is me and my Father-in-Law, Pete, are busy making things for a craft fair at the end of the month.  He's an armature photographer and makes wonderful cards with his photos.  Over the last 4 weeks he's made over 400 of them!!!

And I am making bunting and chalk boards.  And, hopefully, if I succeed in getting the technique, glass bottle vases and voltives.

I'll post some photos as soon as I can :-)

I haven't written a thing for NaNoWriMo to day, having been at work, then volunteering this afternoon.  So I've got 1,600 words to write tonight still- Oh, what have I got myself in for????

To be honest, I haven even really decided on where my story is going- I've just got a premise that need developing :-s

And housework... errr, well, just check out the pile of dishes I had left to wash on Tuesday on this post.

And I won't show you the laundry pile- it's all getting too much :-(  Lucky for me I have a wonderful husband to help me with everything, between his naps and lesson planning that is :-)

And Now, the TV is off, I have pudding and a cup of coffee.  Lets get down to business and kick this 1,600 word targets ass!!

Freya May

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