Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Today Was A Odd Day

All over the country teachers and support staff have been on strike over the government's plans to make changes and cuts to the ways pensions are calculated- Which simply means a lot of people will be left short changed when they retire.

Naturally, there are many arguments on either side of this debate, but as the daughter of a teacher, daughter-in-law of a teacher, sister-in-law of a teacher, wife of a teacher and someone contemplating going into teaching myself, I don't agree that teachers should be forced to work longer, or receive less in retirement.

Especially as I once read that for every year one teaches after the age of 55 your life expectancy decreases.

So, today I had to go into school today as I haven't joined a union because I'm just a temp in the school.  And it was the quietest place you've ever been!  There was maybe 5 people in the whole school.  Basically I spent four hours getting paper work I never have the time to do done, when people are around and needing things from me.

I can't say I know all the issues surrounding todays stikes, but I hope that those striking have their views heard, and had a nice day off.

Freya May

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