Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chore Sheet


I'm always trying to organise myself to have a cleaning routine that I can stick to and means the house stays nice and tidy! It's not that I don't want keep the house clean, it's just finding the will power to do chores over the other, fun, stuff I could be doing, like waisting hours on Pinterest and what not. 

So, I quess I'm just really hoping that having it set out, all pretty and easy to see will, you know, help with the motivation and mean that there is some method in the madness. 

This is the chart I've put together, will see how it goes.  As it's not much to do each day- and it leaves weekends free! Yay!

I stole the heading from Amy Gregson's blog, but edited it down because I don't have as big a house or so many rooms.

Feel free to pinch it, edit it to your own needs or what not.  I get the impression we all want to be that little more organised, maybe this'll help.
Freya May

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