Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Question for you

I have always loved learning, big fat book worm.  So this period of inert, jobless state I'm looking forward to a time when I can afford to take on an evening class or something.   I'm also looking forward to doing a Masters as soon as I can afford it.  I also hope you look quite as stylish as the student above while studying again :-)

I'll probably enrol in a evening class every year, but one option I'm thinking of doing is further A-levels.  I've done some research and it turns out they only cost £200 for the year.  Maybe I'll do one next year if I don't enrol in the Masters at Leicester University I've got my eye on. 

I'd want to do the A2 level year for English Literature, having an AS under my belt already, but I didn't carry it on to A2 because I was thinking I'd need Chemistry for university (I was wrong).  As I was better at English this was a shame, but I think it'd be fun to carry on as I still LOVE English and reading.

So, the question for you... is there a subject you wished you had done/ hadn't dropped at A-level/high school or what not?? 

And another question (spur of the moment addition)... What, out of everything, would you be interested in studying in a evening course?

Freya May

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