Saturday, 15 October 2011

Last Friday Night

Just been out with hubby to watch the Three Musketeers 3D film at the local cinema, so this post is about three things-

The Film- Awful, do not bother seeing it unless you are very bored, have nothing better to do and enjoy the cinema experience no matter what.

3D- The more films I see in 3D the less I see the point in it at all.  It seems to me that 3D filming distracts the film makers from any actual substance and makes them focus on the trivial details of things poking out the screen.  Unnecessary and a waste of money for all involved.

And, finally, The Local Cinema-  Amazing! :-)  Loughborough has the one cinema, a little independent/ tiny chain called 'Reel'.  It is this fabulous art deco decor, and it has the film times on the outside of the building as they used to be.  Tiny screens, sure, but it is a very cool, very old skol experience that I for one don't mind one bit!  AND, bonus, they have a bar and let u take drinks in to the film with you- Score!

All in all, I've had a lovely Friday night.

Freya May

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