Sunday, 2 October 2011

T-Shirt Quilt

This is the quilt I made this month.

I've wanted to make a t-shirt quilt for ages, and have been collecting shirts for even longer.

You'll need:
>12 shirts/side with image/text on- the more you have the bigger it'll be, I've got 20 in mine and its about 60" by 35"
Backing fabric- i.e. fleece
Sewing machine
Thread (Black)

First, cut out all your shirts, which ever side you what to use, in to even rectangles, or even better, squares.

Then choose a soft/warm/comfy backing fabric.  I chose fleece, as it is very warm and soft and easy to work with.

Then cut out a piece of the backing fabric to fit each shirt piece.

Sew the shirt to the backing with a big X through them.

Once they are all sewn together, lay them out in the order you like.

Sew each piece in to strips, with at least a half inch hem, raw edges to the front of the blanket- this is important, you'll see in a moment.

Once you've got all the strips, sew them all together!  Again, at least a half inch hem and raw edges to the front.

Now, sew another half inch boarder all around the out side edge of the quilt.

Then, get your scissors out again, and start the hard part.  You might think it looks a little scruffy, with all those raw edges sticking out the front.  I certainly did. At this point I had a moment thinking 'Well, that looks like a mess'.  Well, you'll want to take them scissors and cut tiny little cuts into the raw edge, up to but not over the hemming.  This is the part that takes forever (and might give you blisters).

But, once it's done, you can totally see the difference!!

So there we have it, very simple T-shirt quilt.  Will be making another one in a few years once I've collected enough Greenbelt shirts :-)

Finished article

Have Fun!

Freya May

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