Monday, 31 October 2011


Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? No? Me neither, until this week.

It stands for National Novel Writing Month, a challenge to anyone who has
ever dreamt of writing a novel to do just that, 50,000 words worth of a novel, in one month.

That's right, write one, 50, 000 word novel, in 31 days.

I know, I'm crazy.

But I've ALWAYS wanted to write a book, so I thought, why not have a go.  Not like I've got a life or anything.

So, now, I start tomorrow.  I'm aiming to write between 1600-2000 words per day to stay on target.  I have planned a little bit, I kinda know the theme and the over arching story line, but I really only learnt about it the other day, so I will totally be flying by the seat of my pants.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Pray for me, egg me on and keep me accountable to my commitment,

Freya May


  1. Good luck! That sounds awesome. I've always wanted to write a novel.

    -Kylee Noelle

  2. You totally should do it too! I need all the support I can get :-)

    Freya May

  3. I have heard about it and always thought it was such a great idea, even vaguely no a couple of people who do it. Good luck will send up a pray for you as you take on this challenge. Most of all remember to have fun with it. :D

  4. This is awesome!
    I tried doing this last year, but unfortunately, along with 2345776 other things, I didn't finish. :(

    I'll read your novel!! :)

  5. Jo- Thank you, am trying to have fun and not stress much

    Alynne Leigh- I'm SO hoping I finish this year, I'm already way behind having planned really poorly. I'll consider leting people read it once I'm done!


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